Basic Guide to Shipping Freight

This shipping guide is useful for first-time shippers as well as those who need a refresher. Click through the shipping instructions for a quick overview of the LTL freight-shipping process and questions from first-time shippers.

Shipping freight is more difficult than contacting UPS to deliver a product. Fragile things aren’t typically a good idea in a truck with other large, heavy objects. Use a safe, barrel, or strap on a freight pallet.

Measure your item carefully. It has been packed. Certain goods are required by the majority of businesses. If you don’t know the kind of your things, it’s best to be the carrier to avoid costly penalties. Leave items at the local freight terminal to save money. They’re huge! It may cost $50 to build a little road to your home.

Quotes. Online freight brokers give quick freight quotations. You may contact a carrier directly, but it will be more expensive. The majority of businesses provide phone quotations. After pickup, use our online tracking tools to locate your freight. Your whole shipment has a single tracking (PRO) number. Palletized shipments remain on pallets. Each box is delivered together.

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